Chapter two of Elite Dangerous’ Beyond content lands June 28 with new missions and Thargoid developments

I'm sure it's fine.

Elite Dangerous fans, hope you got all your grinding in during last weekend’s event because the next big thing is just on the other side of that moon over there as Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two launches on June 28th.

“In just under a month, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Alliance’s newest Chieftain variant: the Alliance Challenger. We’ve also got a selection of new wing missions, installation interactions, new settlements to explore and, to combat the ever-growing and ever-encroaching Thargoid threat, a cache of new Guardian weapons and technology from the Tech Brokers.”

Frontier says this is the first of two smallish updates for Beyond, with a much larger one coming out by the end of the year with squadrons and improvements to mining and exploration.” Naturally, the studio has a big ol’ announcement video, tucked down below.


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New Ship variant – Looks good.
New Wing Missions– yup.
Installation Interactions – Hmmm, Not sure.
Tech Broker – They need to look at the Mechanics behind this one. It was broke in the chapter 1.
Thargoids – Been really enjoying this content but I hope they add more variety to the Eagle Eye – Thargoid Base Decode and then Defend System game loop.
Redacted – Probably a new ship but might even be DLC which the Lifetime Pass people will get for free.

What I’m really hoping they do is a serious fix for the small crimes that are caught up in the Crime & Punishment system so far. I’m quite happy with the C&P apart from the low level bounties issue (I.e. Trespass, Friendly Fire etc) and I hope they have a solution to that.

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NeedMoreLoot .

Given they’ve already pushed back mining info to an undisclosed date and the lack-luster squadron “announcement” I don’t hold much hope for the feature list or the release date holding.

Although I am considering popping back, mostly for some research on how the new crime and punishment disaster actually works (since no one can give me a straight answer on jurisdiction online) I think FDEV have kind of shot themselves in the foot given the player base as it stands are now poles apart; the haves and have nots are only greater since engineers and these credit splurges are not going to fix the underlying issues.

Everything feels so slow to be altered, buggy or just WIP which was okay a few years ago but the lack of polish and consistent failures to address issues or take on board feedback from players seems their legacy in this game.

Sadly I don’t PVP nor do I do anything multi-player bar the odd multi-crew session which hasn’t been that exciting but works (bounty hunting is my least favourite, or rewarding pastime) maybe I’ll pick up the chieftain variants but I haven’t been tempted so far (given they are only for bounty hunting)

[edit: when you take out the joke but leave in the “please don’t bit me comment” :) ]

Nick // Genghis

The game needs more group content. The end. It’s the #1 reason my friends and I have decided to wait until further notice that there is actual challenge and varied replayability within the PvE side of things. We’re not interested in PvP. They need to revamp the mission system to the point where it’s not just a ferry X item or destroy X amount of X enemy. Needs to have some real meat to it. Those types of missions can go great along with group based missions that lead you to cool POIs with interesting objectives and mechanics to go along with it.

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Tobasco da Gama

When the Thargoids will still slightly mysterious, the slow dribble of the story worked pretty well. Now that they’re actually “invading” and the story pace is still slower than molasses, though, it’s just boring. (At the very least, if you’re going to drip-feed players a story like this, it should be more involved than just “evil aliens are attacking!!!”)