Closers shares its updated development roadmap


Development roadmaps aren’t everything, but it’s helpful to know if the next few months of a game are going to be an absolute trash fire before you fall in love with it. So let us offer our thanks to Closers for providing an updated roadmap on the official site that lists its goals for the next three-month intervals. Especially since none of those goals are “adjust the game in a way that the majority of players will absolutely hate.” That shouldn’t be an accomplishment, but it sort of is.

There’s still a little time for the first block of updates (server time, for example, is slated for June 5th), but more interesting are the plans for July-September and October-December. Violet is joining up in the former block of time, while Soma and Luna join up in the latter; there are also more characters getting the Special Agent treatment, more dungeons and events, and other fun activities planned for each block of time. Check out the full roadmap if you want to know what the next several months hold for the game, either as a potential new player or an existing player who wants to see the future.


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