Trion makes summer plans to port Prime’s best ideas back to RIFT – here’s what both server types can look forward to

Everything's cool out here. Like, emotionally.
It’s about to be summer in RIFT – Summerfest, that is. In Trion’s latest developer letter, the team lays out what the season will bring to the game, and yes, that does include the Summerfest event, this year with new art and new housing items as well as “cleanup” work. Trion further vows that the ability updates in 4.4 are “not considered the end of ongoing soul work”; it’ll be considering legendary abilities, more Warrior tweaks, and Cleric healing and DPS updates in the future.

Most notably for regular-flavor RIFT players, Trion is planning on porting over a few of its best ideas from the progression server as well as revisiting some ongoing systems that need work. It’s looking at new daily rewards, rare mount drops, an evaluation of individual loot, a revamp of the credit store, and mechanics like eternal weapons, planar fragments, and warfront queueing. As for lockboxes…

“Some may have noticed the recent trend on the RIFT store to offer the latest mounts without releasing them inside of a lockbox, and you should expect more of that.”

And what about players on Prime? Trion says it’s working on the prelude event for the River of Souls on the Prime server.

“While these events may not be in the timeline for Live, they’re going to be fun and challenging content that we’ll be looking to release on all worlds! In that process we’ve uncovered other events from Rift’s past that were not tied to specific holidays or raids, and the team is working on bringing these back for an encore on both the Live servers and Prime. The next progression steps for Prime may be sooner than you think, as we’ll be condensing some of the original release pacing to keep content fresh for raiders and non-raiders alike. With River of Souls looming ahead, you can also expect to see Ember Isle opened and the Planar Attunement system unlocked around the same time.”

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Malcolm Swoboda

So basically some predictions were right, that Prime is a 2018-2019 experiment server to provide a sub option of some sort, yes, but also unify the design with Live and see what people like and don’t like, while still what will make Trion money.