Bless Online patches in a new battlefield while weakening attacks and buffing defense

This is going to be a running theme, isn't it.

Players of Bless Online seem to be a little upset due to the whole lack of PvP at the top level. It’s only one of the many player grievances at the moment, but it’s still there. However, the game’s newest patch is bringing in a new battlefield, the Peninsular War, which pits two teams of 15 against one another with rolling rule changes. That should be something to enjoy, at least.

Slightly less enjoyable is the other major feature of the patch, which appears to involve wrapping thick layers of gauze around everyone’s weapons. The developers are claiming that the attack values for skills was far too high and defensive skills were unintentionally weak, so players will be subjected to attack skills being less potent across the boad while some defensive abilities get tuned up slightly. So it’s a new battlefield while you also have to re-learn how potent all of your abilities are. Is that a good thing?


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I was debating getting Bless for a couple dozen hours of noodling around, knowing full well the end game was crap. (But I usually don’t stick with most games until the end anyways, so….)

One of my biggest hesitations was reading how boringly easy the combat was, and how super fast the leveling experience was, so this change is making me consider it.

Not expecting something I’ll play hundreds of hours, just a nice diversion for a while…


Major buff for people who already leveled to cap and a deep nerf to anyone just starting.

ichi sakari

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gah, link fail, so ashamed