Crowfall’s going to keep you hooked with its zippy plant picking

Have you ever given much thought to harvesting in MMOs? Probably not much, if we’re all honest. Yet gathering plants can fill an important niche in players’ gaming sessions just like the mats they reward fill an important part of the crafting ecosystem.

Enter Crowfall’s wildcrafting. It’s pretty much a fancy name for “on the go harvesting” that will allow players to zoom around and scoop up useful plants and veggies with a single button press. The dev team used Zelda: Breath of the Wild as an inspiration for this quick and zippy activity.

ArtCraft said that systems like harvesting are essential for downtime between more important and rewarding events: “Wildcrafting is a second-to-second exploration and harvesting engagement loop. Is it the most important system in the game? Nope! But as we get closer to launch, you’re going to see more of these loops come online and engage, and as that happens the gameplay experience is going to become more well-rounded, immersive, and engaging.”

Source: Crowfall. Thanks, JamesGoblin!
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So… let’s say I don’t like crafting whatsoever – is there anything for me in this game?

Nick Smith

Will Crowfall and Pantheon be my next major MMOs? If I had a magic eight ball, it would say, “This is decidedly so”.

Yes magic eight ball… I think your right.