Kritika Online offers players new advancement with the Dawn of Awakenings update

Wake up.

Dedicated Warriors and Monks in Kritika Online are getting to be just a little bit better starting today. The game’s newest update adds in new Second Awakening quests for the Monk and the Warrior, allowing you to get a new bonus-laden class on top of your existing advanced option. Who wouldn’t want to be a Doomblade, a Fire Lord, or a Berserker? That all sounds like pretty good Warrior stuff. (Monks, meanwhile, can be Star Monks or Void Monks. Which we’re sure are also quite cool, but they have worse titles.)

Of course, there’s stuff in the patch even if you prefer not to play Monk or Warrior; players will have access to new Windhome storyline advancement as well as new danger zones and a new ultimate zone. Pick up some Dusk Weapons from the aforementioned ultimate zone, enjoy the new Etherforce UI and alterations, and get ready to awaken even more. Your Warrior will be so awake.

Source: En Masse Entertainment press release, patch notes

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Arsin Halfmoon

I cannot for the life of me ever play the warrior in this game. He looks like a total doofus, and as much as I like the mechanics, he just looks so terrible as a character. Small head, huge muscles, very basic guilty gear wannabe.

Oh and I hate the idea of the doomblade, I don’t like how he gets a katana that he only uses some of the time, and carries around that silly giant sword


I played exactly the warrior last year around this time and at first it was fun, I played for the “story”, I wanted to travel the world, save them from trouble and so on, but the game is a huge grind. Around level 30 I gave up.

You had to run the exact same dungeon for about 3 different quests three times in a row… frankly, it gets really boring on the long run.