Path of Exile’s Incursion update is live today

Going live today for PC players of Path of Exile is Incursion, the MMOARPG’s latest expansion, featuring the promised skill revamps and the choose-your-own-adventure modes of the new dungeon. Xbox One gamers will be waiting a bit longer as always.

“In Path of Exile: Incursion players will journey over a thousand years into the past to the long-dead Vaal Empire to help explorer Alva Valai locate the lost temple of Atzoatl and the amazing treasures it holds.”

The servers go down at 1 p.m. EDT today, just as this post goes live; they should be back by 4 p.m. EDT with the update in tow. That gives you plenty of time to doodle in the comments or post gifs on Reddit, plus it’s a 2.5-5GB patch, depending on how you get it, so that’ll take a bit too (yes, preloading is possible).

While you wait, get caught up on all our Incursion and recent POE coverage!

If you read only one piece, make it MJ’s long piece covering the whole update!

Source: Official site, press release

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I like the idea of the Incursion League, but it looks like the mechanics are back to having the singular goal to kill everything as quickly as possible. I mean, I guess that is what people want, given the comments about the Bestiary League, but I play PoE in spite of that design rather than because of it.

Space Captain

I’m going to be giving this a try tonight. Any tips for a new player? (I’ve played before but not for very much at all)


I would say, give some thought about what kind of character you want to create. Do you want ranged, spell, or melee? Is there a particular attack skill that you favor more than others? If you have a general idea, consider searching the forums for something similar to what you want to create. If you’re not sure, just play. You’ll learn a lot by just playing.

The moment to moment game-play can feel very basic. But, the underlying systems and interactions for your character can be very complex. It’s a lot of info (I.E. the giant skill tree). So, take it one bite at a time.

Years ago, my first few characters did not even make it into maps (aka “End Game”). So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t finish the story-line on your first attempt. You’ll learn more and more about the game each time you play through it.

Do not neglect to give your character significant amounts of life and/or energy shield. I recommend focusing on a life-based build for your first character. Energy shield and hybrid builds are typically much harder to build unless you have the knowledge/experience/gear/currency to make them work.

Other than that, go ahead and create your character in the current league. You’ll get to “start over” with everyone for the next 3 months or so. After that, your character will transfer into the Standard league anyways.

Good luck!

Dug From The Earth

Use the class forums on the official site. Find a build that you enjoy the gameplay of (based on what you see in their youtube examples of gameplay).

Otherwise, make your own, but be prepared for your first, second, and maybe even 3rd character to be something you play, only to throw away completely when you realize you made a bunch of “learning” mistakes.

This game doesnt have a “Respec” system.. it has a “Polish the rough edges” system. You still have to make mostly good choices with your build.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

If you decide to search the Build forum, be sure to look for builds that say “Beginner” or “Starter” or “League Starter” in the build title. Next thing to check is the gear. If the build absolutely requires a Unique (which you likely will have to buy), make sure you understand the cost of that Unique in Trade. Otherwise, look for builds that “SSF” (solo self-found) as they usually have gear suggestions that are far more reasonable.

There will be lots of end-game builds designed for experienced players, so be wary of those as they are also usually unique-heavy.

I always recommend this build:

It’s tanky, can be altered to suit you and doesn’t require any special gear.