PUBG’s Sanhok map enters the final testing stretch


As PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds runs its new and highly anticipated Sanhok map through a fourth round of testing, players can at least be consoled with the thought that the patch should be getting very near release by now. In fact, the studio said that the map will be arriving later this month!

When testers dive into this round, which closes on June 4th, they will discover many performance and weapon improvements, not to mention item spawn rebalance, twice — TWICE — the number of throwable apples, and simulated three-dimensional sound.

This latest build also gave the town, ruins, and caves another set dressing pass. This should give them even more signs of life, although nobody will notice any of these since they’ll be sprinting at top speed as the good little twitch gunners that they are.

Source: Patch notes

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