Defiance 2050 gives you a quick overview of its four base classes


Assuming that you’re both a freeloader and will be poking your head into Defiance 2050 this summer, you’ll have exactly four options for classes when creating a character. Trion Worlds has been testing and talking about these base professions lately, with a promise of a future in-depth examination of the Demolitionist advanced class.

In the meanwhile, the studio wrote up a quick summary of the four base classes. These are:

  • Assassin: “Critical strikes, surprise attacks, and all-out damage”
  • Guardian: “Hold the line and keep allies safe”
  • Combat Medic: “Heal up wounds, save lives, and buff your squad”
  • Assault: “All-around offensive and defensive Ark Hunter”

If you need it explained even more simply, there’s a developer video just for you. After that, you’re on your own, pal.

Source: Defiance
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