Worlds Adrift starts work on countering PvP griefing, but tells players to get better


Who would have ever thought that the tranquil-looking Worlds Adrift would become a raucous griefer’s paradise? Apparently not the developers, who were, we guess, hoping that a sense of noble honor would run through this lawless PvP sandbox.

But now that the griefing situation in early access has gotten so out of control, Bossa Studios is being forced to address it. It won’t be fixed overnight, apparently, but the studio is says that it is “keen to get it right” and has already rolled out its first wave of improvements and fixes to make Worlds Adrift a friendlier place to play.

These changes include lowering the requirements to make basic ships (so griefers have to work faster to ground you at the start), making wood stronger and lighter, and automatically blowing up your ship if you die far away from it. The studio advised those struggling with griefing to “use your belt and random revivers.” So, you know, get good.

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