Players rage over the bots and hacks still allegedly plaguing Black Desert

Players rage over the bots and hacks still allegedly plaguing Black Desert
Frustration and rage is bubbling over on the Black Desert forums, where players are venting about the ongoing issues of botting and hacks – and Kakao’s purported failure to address these problems and punish the game’s abusers.

“Can’t speak for the new speed hacks, but I know for a fact that Kakao do not care about people using bots/hacks in this game purely because these people also spend money in the cash shops,” wrote one player. “The ban waves are usually for the worst offenders only whilst the majority remain free.”

Of particular consternation among the community are the so-called “Hystria hackers” who have been using speed hacks to farm great amounts of gold. “This is affecting everyone when hackers are freely buying up all the rare resources in market and preordering at insane prices,” another poster noted.

Want to see what a Black Desert hack looks like? Players have been pointing to the following clips, so give them a look after the break.

Source: Official forums. Thanks Chris!

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Paragon Lost

Hehe, this stuff reminds me of things I saw in Age of Conan in the early days and actually didn’t get fixed by the time I decided I was done with it. I love when developers ignore such problems or worse attempt to nay say when it’s pointed out.

Recalling when videos on Youtube were posted years ago showing pvp cheats in AoC including players having their characters fly or see invisible/hidden opposing players characters. :/ It was then that I decided that pvp in AoC wasn’t worth bothering with.

Toy Clown

It’s worrisome because people are not only reporting on it, but people are posting on Reddit as being culprits of using the hacks and nothing is being done about it. A few years back, Kakao staff came down hard on reddit posters claiming they were hacking and banned their accounts. It was fun to watch these people “get there’s”.

Now? We know Kakao reads reddit because they’re replying a lot to players stating issues with server swapping since the boss changes went in, but all is quiet on the Kakao front where it concerns abusers. Even World chat in-game is full of players selling their accounts for real world cash, players posting high-end armors and weapons for cash shop items, a girl on twitch who will flash her chest for 10$ real world money, and of course full-blown services advertising 150-300$ powerleveling services. It’s all gotten beyond tasteless, tacky and damaging.

Unfortunately while I can turn off world chats, which I’ve kept on because I’m keeping an eye out for a guild, we can’t turn off what’s happening to the market due to all of the hacks.

Colin Goodwin

The hack is free and working 100% currently and honestly, I hope people have fun cause they’ve had way more than enough evidence and time to fix this but they consistently ignore it.


This has actually been going on for a while now.

However what’s really changed is due to all the massive game changes they’ve been doing over the last few weeks people have been more brazen in how often they do this. It’s very difficult to report players because they use a ghillie suit to hide their name in an area with no radar while speed hacking around which makes it very difficult to flare someone to get their name to report. Great example of interesting game mechanics working against the system.