Dual Universe details changes to ship engines for more differentiated gameplay

I don't know how to fly this.

There’s a lot going on for any individual ship in Dual Universe, but right now vertical boosters cover too much of what’s going on when you’re getting that ship off the ground and into the air. That’s a bad thing not because it’s too easy but because it gives too little room for different ships to have different areas of specialization. So the mechanics behind getting your ship in the air are being changed and expanded specifically, with the developers considering several different circumstances that come up as your craft, well, goes up.

Elements like wings and stabilizers are important when you’re maintaining altitude and flying within an atmosphere, while vertical boosters (greatly tuned down) and antigrav generators cover things like staying in place while still being airborne or getting airborne in the first place. It’s a lot of changes to the game as it stands, but it should allow for ships that can take off quickly and move or that need plenty of space to get consistently flying. Check out the full article for all the detail you could presumably want on flying your ship.

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