Steam Workshop modding is live in Dark and Light today

Steam Workshop modding is live in Dark and Light today

Modders, start your engines: The Dark and Light dev kit is officially available as of today, meaning that modding and uploading those goodies to the Steam Workshop for the early access title is now happening. It’s apparently a little bit behind schedule, but it’s already attracting some player love; I spy nine mods already as I type this, including tweaks for workbenches, magic, weapons, gardening, lamps, and creature textures. The improved building mod might be the most useful so far!

“Aspiring programmers and modders will have the full power of the Unreal Engine’s modding tools to introduce new content and unlock extensive game functionality for an open environment. Blueprints for gameplay mechanics such as spells and AI behavior trees will be accessible, alongside source art. Snail Games hopes players will put their own stamp on the world of Archos, by importing custom artwork to transform the game world visually, experiment with the entire ecosystem and devise their own game modes.”

As far as official content goes, the game’s most recent update tinkered with optimization upgrades and smashed bugs.

“The big change in this patch was the adjustments that we made to decay timers. We know that there were many Adventurers in the past felt that they were too short, but that our past adjustment made them all too long. We feel like we’re starting to find a nice middle ground, and we appreciate all of the feedback that we’ve gotten on this topic.”

There’s a modding trailer down below!

Source: Steam

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