ArcheAge’s fresh start servers snag the ‘Conquer’ update next week

Trion’s pretty sure MMORPG gamers cannot get enough of starting over in ArcheAge, which is why it’s whipping up yet another phase for the ArcheAge: Legends Return fresh start servers next week on June 13th, complete with new housing, dailies, bosses, dungeons, and raids.

“In the Conquer Phase, a host of new dungeons, raids, and upgrades are now at your fingertips. Venture forth to Golden Ruins in order to claim additional housing in Auroria, or embark on new daily quests and high level creatures to secure your route to level 50! […] Additionally, the Serpentis raid is open for enterprising adventurers, as well as Sea of Drowned Love and Sea of Drowned Love’s weekend version. Other changes include changes to the Dream Ring, which can now be progressed to an Epic version, an expansion of the Dream Ring quests on Fresh Start, allowing you to take your Ring to its maximum level, and the introduction of T1 Cars, and the Farm Hauler upgrade.”

The pair of fresh start progression servers have been running in NA and Europe since April, doing their happy progression server thing with vanilla content unlocking over time. Phase two rolled out last month after a brief delay.

Source: Press release, server calendar. Per Trion’s request, we have amended the quoted description of what exactly the dream ring changes are (6/8/18 -Bree).
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Paragon Lost

Trion and Funcom, while they can’t innovate, fix bugs or complete things, they sure can re-heat leftovers. Bravo Trion and Funcom for mastering the art of getting the most profit out of the least amount of effort.



Can include Daybreak in that with Everquest’s progression servers.


So sad how good the game was and turned into this. If they had even half a soul this game would still dominate the mmorpg market


If they had even half a soul this game would dominate the mmorpg market.

I don’t think this statement can be emphasized enough. Those who played will know exactly why this statement makes sense and how it tapped into a fulfilling want to login and play daily.

I miss my 16 plot farm estate :\

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Shiro Madoushi

Went back recently to find out my server is emptier than it was before the last merge. It takes a special kind of player to put up with Trion’s pay2win tricks and traps. I’m sure the new “fresh swipe” servers will empty out as soon as one dominant group of whales out gears and destroys everyone else.