Crowfall’s team answers design questions about classes, crafting, and mounts


Will Crowfall have mounts? That burning question is one of several that the development team fielded as the MMORPG’s creation turned into the summer months.

Mounts are very much on the board for development, by the way, although ArtCraft hasn’t started actively making them quite yet. “It’s clearly in the pipe,” the team responded. One tricky issue is how to give the four-legged Centaur a mount — run faster? Drag a cart behind? It still hasn’t been figured out quite yet.

The team addressed concerns that the jump between uncrafted and crafted vessels (temporary classes) is too big by saying that right now it’s just a template in testing that can and will be tweaked as time goes forward.

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Source: Crowfall

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I’ve never considered mounts to be a necessity. They are a fluff item, a luxury. Being able to move slightly faster is not game breaking. Seems like a superficial thing for players to be worrying about. Lets them get the core game nailed down first.