Ever, Jane just gave you a personal butler. You’re welcome.


One of Ever, Jane’s biggest advantages is providing a social gameplay experience that is unlike what you’ve experienced in other MMOs. And while your fancy games may have striking graphics, action-packed combat, and expansive worlds, do they give you butlers? Because Ever, Jane just did that.

Personal butlers came with this week’s Open Beta 4 update to facilitate morning calls between players. Who wouldn’t love to drop in for a visit and gossip over tea? It’s how the Massively OP staff starts every day, to tell the truth, along with a spot of sabotage (which has also come back with this patch).

The patch also added some new NPC AI, as well as fixes to “misbehaving” furniture and roaming bands of horses. The team notes that this build will see a slight frame rate decrease and still hasn’t reactivated the Mac version, which remains broken.

Source: Patch notes


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