Guild Wars 2 fans find evidence of ‘awakened’ mounts incoming

Possibly due to the delay of the next Guild Wars 2 living world update, certain store assets have been added to the game’s files that were not activated quite yet. However, dataminer that_shaman quickly unearthed a run-down of what’s incoming and shared among it the community.

In addition to a pack full of convenience upgrades and several new weapons, there are mentions of “awakened mounts” that should be coming to the game soon. The pack that you might be able to buy soon includes new golden-clad skins for the griffon, raptor, springer, jackal, and skimmer.

As players continue to wait for the patch, at least they’ll have the next season of the PvP league to anticipate. The twelfth season begins on June 12th and concludes August 8th. As for the next living story episode, that’s been delayed, and we’re still awaiting news on when it’ll drop.

Spoilers ahead! Click through to check out the images themselves.

[Data-Mining] Upcoming features from the June 5 patch from Guildwars2


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Axetwin .

I, on r/GuildWars2 “joked” about the delay of the new LW story being due to a conflict with a new cashshop item.


Any excuse to add more delicious skins for people to waste money on!


multiple convenience upgrades


Colin Goodwin

They almost had me with this mount pack after skipping the Actually hideous exo suit mounts….but the dangling toilet paper kills the awakened set for me xD

Bryan Turner

Pretty sure that’s supposed to be loose mummy wrappings, like they have had in horror movies since they put mummies in movies.

Bryan Turner

Wonder if Venom is the Legendary Great Sword?


They don’t do gemstore shots for those, unless this is some strangely large icon art for the sword. Seems unlikely.