Star Control Origins includes multiplayer fleet battles


Hands up if you’ve played Star Control 2 back in the day (and shame on you if you haven’t!). This ’90s-era space RPG sent players on a galaxy-wide quest to meet incredibly weird aliens, explore strange new worlds, and fight off a terrible galactic threat.

Now the series is back with Star Control Origins, which is in development by Stardock. This sequel is going to include a lot of what fans loved about the ’90s game but will add a few new features for the modern era. One of these is fleet battles, a multiplayer mode that takes the game beyond a single-player experience.

Not too long ago, the fleet battle feature went into its second beta test, adding several new skills, more weapons, high-resolution UI, and custom matches. That’s right, players can create their own epic space battles with all sorts of settings, including arena size and wormholes.

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