The Crew 2 is getting an open beta while the original The Crew goes into maintenance

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It’s probably not much of a surprise to hear that The Crew is slipping into maintenance mode, as patches had been quiet for a while and the sequel is slated to come out this month. But it has been confirmed at this point that there will be no more patches for the game from this point onward. Servers will remain online and playable, and maintenance isn’t ruled out for fixing imminent issues, but don’t expect any new content.

There’s hope for those who need some new online racing fun but aren’t ready to buy the sequel just yet, as the game’s beta site has teased that an open beta is coming soon and will be discussed more at this year’s E3. So you can get some new driving fun in before the game releases… it just won’t be in the original game. That’s not exactly a shock.


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Chris Neal

I’ve always been passing curious about The Crew but never took a plunge. Seems like my unintentional ambivalence has actually paid off for once and I can get in on the ground floor of the new game, maybe.

Loyal Patron

That’s pretty much how I’ve always felt about it. It seemed interesting in premise, and was on the list of, “Games I Should Totally Check Out One of These Days”. I guess I’ll just add the sequel to the list instead.


It’s a fairly decent game, though Test Drive Unlimited 2 had a few things they did better still.

The Crew has this really interesting Calling All Units DLC with this interesting Cops and Robbers thing.

I really had fun with it being on the Cops side, though the Cops side was thin and you often didn’t have much help (Robbers could play without owning the DLC for one). A lot of times people would join the criminal side hoping no cops would join at all and they’d just get a free ride, and be mad when you actually jumped in to compete with them :P

I still have a lot I didn’t do in The Crew actually – I just didn’t get on it enough despite enjoying it. I guess I’ll be moving on to the new game though and uninstalling the original to make room.

Test Drive Unlimited 3 was supposed to come out eventually but there hasn’t been any news on that front in the past year or so. The Crew team has some of the old Test Drive Unlimited team members now anyway.

I guess I liked owning houses in TDU2 and walking through them, there were a few other things I liked better that don’t come to mind at the moment.

Still I’ll definitely be getting The Crew 2 and seeing how that all turns out. The question is if I want to buy it immediately or wait until a sale comes along :P