World of Tanks: Mercenaries abolishes loyalties on consoles this month

“No more loyalties. No more rules.”

Forget what you might have known about World of Tanks’ structure and gameplay format, because Wargaming is about ready to change everything up with this month’s Mercenaries.

The console-exclusive expansion pack, which is arriving on June 26th, will plunge players into a lawless, free-for-all environment as they fight in a new mercenaries faction. Mercs will have access to five new tanks cobbled together from parts of different nations’ vehicles, experience variants of many of the game’s maps, and proceed through a dark story campaign that pits players against both the USA and USSR.

Mercenaries will arrive as a free content update for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Wargaming announced that to date, World of Tanks has racked up over 15 million players.

Source: Press release

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This makes perfect sense. You just ran a story about how Wargaming will ban accounts at whim so it’s pretty clear they don’t care about loyalty anyway.