Bless Online goes on an all-out offensive with its upcoming 140-player battle


Pushing back against poor reviews and mass refunds, Bless Online has grand plans to turn public perception of the game around with big ol’ battles.

Neowiz dropped a preview of the Siege of Castra today, pointing to the possibilities of 140-player battles waging across this special zone. The siege, which is coming “soon,” will last for 30 minutes at a pop and be open to players level 25 and up. During this half-hour, each side will be attempting to infiltrate the enemy fortress and assassinate the commander. There are elements on the battlefield, such as a Purifying Tree and Guardian Stones, that can sway the fight in your favor.

“The key to victory is to adapt a unified yet swift attack tactic through forming a raid party and appointing a leader who will lead the faction,” said Neowiz.

The studio also pushed out a small patch this morning that addressed a trio of issues and adjusted the price of chilis. “Overpriced chilis!” will be the rallying cry of the mobs no longer.

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