Occupy White Walls’ artificial intelligence just got a smarty-pants upgrade

One of the core features of Occupy White Walls that you have to wrap your head around is the game’s ARTificial intelligence, D.A.I.S.Y. The AI is singularly focused on helping players figure out what kind of art they like and introduce them to other pieces that they might find appealing.

This AI just got a major upgrade this week with version 1.5, which improved her revision algorithm that makes these player predictions and recommendations actually work. If she gets a recommendation wrong, she’ll be able to adjust 35% faster than before. D.A.I.S.Y. is also enjoying an influx of 2,000 new art pieces, thanks to Washington’s National Gallery of Art.

“She has not only been learning about new art, but has gained better multi-layered abductive reasoning about why you might like a new painting,” the developers announced. “What does that mean for you? Well a whole lot because she is now up to 50% more accurate in suggesting you art that really moves you.”

Get ready to be moved with a video of a player-created art gallery after the jump!

Source: Press release
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