APB Reloaded targets cheaters for elimination

Happiness is a warm gun.

How weird is it that we’re talking about APB Reloaded and Fallen Earth in 2018? But it actually seems as though the acquisition of GamersFirst by Little Orbit is producing momentum in both games and drawing more attention to them.

First up for APB Reloaded isn’t any sort of fancy content update but rather a patch that’s targeting cheaters and exploiters. But not only is the team cracking down on those trying to skirt around the rules, but it is also unbanning many players that had incorrectly received permanent bans in the past.

“This is the first big step in rebuilding this game as a fun, safe environment to play,” the team said. “Our new client-side anti-cheat is the biggest addition in this update. Our initial implementation should handle a majority of situations, but you can expect that we will continue tweaking this until we’re happy with the results.”

Source: Patch notes. Thanks Pasha!
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Jonny Sage

RIP Fallen Earth. The Fallout MMO that could have been. It would be best if they just open sourced it and let it go.

Chris Moss

Been waiting for this for so long. Just logged back in and the servers are actually full of people. So happy the game is getting some love again.


Heh. 8 years too bloody late.


This…. The game has had cheaters in it for years. I dabbled in it a few times and it ruined the experience. If they can’t keep it in reasonable check after all this time, they don’t deserve to have a single player.

Bruno Brito

Company changed, sweetie.

Bruno Brito

Long overdue, but thank god.


You gotta play by the rules, even if you’re a gang in a street blockade shootout with the cops.