Dual Universe wants you to join the blue collar workforce


Flunked out of interstellar academy? Left your parents’ home on Mars at 17 and decided to make it on your own? Enjoy lugging stuff around or breaking things? Then you have a future in Dual Universe, thanks to an increased focus on space truckin’ and ore minin’.

Today’s big update to the pre-alpha program added a few new tools that allow players to scan for and mine that precious ore that can be found literally under your feet on the planets you visit. With the hand scanner, the directional tool, and the mining tool, you’ll be digging up your fortune in no time.

Once players get that ore, they’ll be helped out by the other features of this update, which are an improvement to the maneuverability of transport vehicles and the ability to easily transfer your goods to owned containers over a distance. You will need to be mindful of how much you’re carrying, as containers now have volume limitations.

Source: Press release
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One of the few upcoming games I’m really looking forward to.


More than 2 decades ago I saw a movie called “Space Truckers”, with my dad, and I told him that was what I wanted to be when I grew up. He just smiled and nodded. Hopefully someday a game will come along that will scratch that itch.


So cool, I hope they change the actual mining as it looks like “magic” with just your hand ?Some sort of tool in your hand would make it just Feel” look better IMO. A laser tool or even a futuristic looking Pick or Jackhammer?

Steely Bob

Pro tip devs: Add collector tech like SWG and you’ll have a few hundred thousand extra rabid, paying, customers.

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This game is starting to sound like my ultimate lovechild of Kerbal, Elite and the X-verse. I need them to make some sort of publicity fubar before my hype expectations become impossibly high.