Life is Feudal: MMO’s first big patch includes slavery, PvP battle arenas, and improved religion


Didn’t like the idea of slaves in Conan Exiles? Then you probably won’t dig them in Life is Feudal either. The MMO version of the Life is Feudal games is debuting its first big content update soon, and slavery is among the new bits. It works a lot like Conan’s system too.

“No need in wasting your time on gathering resources manually! Save your time and energy by taking advantage of the new slave mechanic. Players can place up to four slaves per outpost, each additional slave speeding up productivity and earning even more production. There are a couple of ways one can get slaves in Life is Feudal. You can acquire them by controlling the slave outpost in a Red World, buying from other players, or enslaving knocked out players! This feature works only in Red worlds. Now you can make the best of your conquered foes!”

There’s quite a bit more to the patch, including a new PvP battle arena, new religious ranks that allow players to take on the power of the gods, new outpost building features, and a new guild rank system, plus improved music and map heraldry. Notably, the walls between the game worlds will come down, allowing players to move between them and communicate with people in safe or danger zones.

Source: Official site. Cheers, HolyAvengerOne.
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