The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMORPG vet reward you’ve ever gotten?


CCP Games rolled out a pretty sweet veteran reward for EVE Online vets this week ahead of the game’s anniversary: Everybody who’s been playing since the game went free-to-play in 2016 picked up a tier one Abyssal Filament.

That got me thinking about vet rewards in general. It’s actually become a pretty rare concept in MMORPGs, largely because they were originally intended to reward people for being loyal subscribers, but of course, fewer and fewer MMOs have subscriptions anymore.

I’ve picked up some really good rewards over the years that actually made me want to keep my sub going. Remember the vet reward resource crates in Star Wars Galaxies? My favorite might be my ethereal mounts in Ultima Online, or maybe my seed box (it holds hundreds of gardening seeds to cut down on the inventory mess).

What’s the best MMORPG vet reward you’ve ever gotten, and what did you have to do exactly to earn it?

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Elder Jedi Robes in SWG. They weren’t exactly a Vet Reward, but more to appease existing Jedi when the NGE made it a standard class. It was still an item that continued to give you an edge over newer Jedi and recognized your status of unlocking Jedi in the more difficult manner.

Wish there was something to recognize a pre pub 9 unlock, but still…

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Saw the title, thought of the ethereal mounts in UO, read the article. <3

Bryan Correll

My own Nemesis Staff in CoH.

Oleg Chebeneev

TSW comes to mind but I dont remember exact rewards

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SWG Combat Upgrade Commemorative Plaques…


The extremely useful (once a day?) gate to home city for any class, in everquest.
But I am not sure I like the concept of vet rewards tbh.


I actually dislike veteran rewards; if I take a look at a MMO I’m thinking about playing and some cool reward, something I desire, would only be attainable for me after, say, a year subscribed, regardless of how much effort I put towards it or my skill, it might even cause me to avoid the game and go play something else.

Or, in other words, for me at least veteran rewards actually do more to drive me away than to keep me playing, unless I started playing at launch (and, thus, get all the new veteran rewards as soon as they are revealed) or have some way to get them early (one of the reasons I have a lifetime sub for STO).

Wilhelm Arcturus

As a side note about your EVE Online example, that did not seem to simply be a reward from CCP. On the first day of the Into the Abyss expansion CCP gave some streamers a filament each so they could start streaming the new content right away without having to go do data sites to get the ball rolling. And then one streamer who did not get a filament raised a stink on Twitter, the usual route of “unfair,” “bias,” and “favoritism” that people do when somebody else gets something for free. After some exchanges on that a few days pass and suddenly its, “You get a filament! And you get a filament! Everybody gets a filament!”

CCP did not say that these complaints led to their give away, but having watched it all unfold and given the timing, it seems the likely scenario.

I guess the moral of the story is if you complain loudly you’ll get free stuff.


Hmm. I’ve gotten many over the years. Mounts, gear, stuff to put in your home, titles, emotes, pets, etc. etc. but not one thing stands out.

Meh, I suppose I was so wrapped up in whatever was going on in the game that it never really mattered. And I don’t’ really care for status symbols. “Look I’ve been here for years, now do what I say!” stuff doesn’t work for me.

So… I guess I’ll go with cool outfits? Sorry, best I can do.

Tell you what though, if they really want to impress me, don’t give me free cosmetic crap. Give me some cash back. Lol! Think of it as a dividend for all the time and support invested in the game.


ethereal llama, like I could finally start playing the game lol…