E3 2018: EA confirms its open-world Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order

Oh dear.

At EA Play this afternoon, Electronic Arts confirmed that it is indeed working on a Star Wars game, previously rumored as an open-world game.

The game’s title is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which makes it clear we’ll be playing around in the Jedi lore. It’s also set during the Dark Times when Vader and Palpatine are busying themselves hunting down all the remaining Jedi, which puts it somewhere in the 20-year period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

EA says the game is scheduled for “holiday of 2019,” so there’s something big to look forward to next year. Aaaaand that’s it – it’s not ready to be shown at E3 this year, unfortunately.

We first had an inkling that this was coming back in March when the rumors began based on an EA job description that read, “Lead a team to deliver online features for a Star Wars open world project. You will design, architect and implement the online infrastructure for the project while working with industry-leading central technologies. You will lead a team of engineers to accomplish the goals for the product as well as be an effective people manager to grow the talent on the team. You will report to the project technical director and ensure that the online systems are meeting the robustness and performance requirements.” Modern job listings characterize the game as an “interactive storytelling” experience.

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