Legends of Aria overhauls its combat system, adds better fast travel


Fight for your right to party, kids! Or at least for your chance at loot assigned by an unfeeling, uncaring random number generator. Legends of Aria is stepping up its game this month with a major overhaul to its combat system.

The developers said that the overhaul came as a response to three major issues: long fights, unpredictable Warrior actions, and a lack of decision making. In the patch, agility has been switched over to stamina when calculating movement and combat speed. The stamina pool refills slowly, requiring players to choose between weapons with different stamina requirements.

Other changes coming with the patch include the addition of critical hits to interrupt spells, a mortal strike secondary ability, additional prestige skills for the Archer and Rogue, the ability to fire while moving, specific armor proficiencies, weapon ability miss rates, weaker heal spells, and stamina and mana potions.

Travel is another important feature that the patch tackles: “We’ve begun the final implementation for our fast travel system. Celador will soon be densely populated with player housing, and it’s important that our fast travel system accommodates the social interactions that will make the world livable. We also want to ensure that fast travel is not a cheap and frivolous feature, but one which is accessible to warriors and mages alike.”


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Roger Melly

Is there any social panel in this game that can allow you to add friends ? We tried it this week but we couldn’t see one and the lack of a world map ended up with us just running around trying to find each other which kind of killed any interest we had in the game .


You can invite to Group. But you have to be in proximity to the other person. It’s very sandbox. No group finder tools. Once /Who is re-instated might be much easier.