E3 2018: Dauntless promises The Coming Storm arrives in August 2018

The Coming Storm is arriving. No, the storm itself is not arriving. You see, Dauntless has announced its first big content pack, which is itself called The Coming Storm. That’s going to be here in August. When will the actual storm no longer be “coming” but be “here?” Unclear. Probably after that.

Ambiguous naming about storms and the arrival thereof, we don’t know much about the content just yet; the tweet announcing The Coming Storm promises a new weapon, new challenges, and the arrival of Ostia. The fan speculation engine, of course, is already working overtime at deciphering what is likely to arrive. It also promises that you’ll be able to play it for free in August. In all likelihood we’ll learn more about the content later on this week, but be now just be sure that The Coming Storm is itself coming.

Source: Twitter

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The Coming Storm is coming, but the storm comes later.


Since the game is free, Phoenix Labs needs to be absolutely clear on how content works because the game is still in beta and here we are, already hearing about the first major content update when IMO, there is plenty to work on adding without an announced patch.

My friends and I enjoyed the first dozen or so encounters but quickly realized that in order to keep us playing, there needs to be more to do. Adding mobs to fight leading up to the main encounter, providing larger island areas to explore and gather. A host of other intriguing ideas that make this game appear a shell of what it could be.