E3 2018: Rend teases Hearthhome biome, taming system, mounts, and pets

Keeping an eye on Rend this E3 season? Frostkeep tweeted over the weekend that it’ll be streaming from multiple pressers during the convention this week, including Twitch’s, and it’s promising a “first look at [the] taming system, mounts, and pets.”

So far it’s already begun delivering: The studio’s posted a critter page for the Frabbit: “They’re furry, they’re scaly, they’re somewhere between adorable and abnormal. And they also make for good eatin’.” It looks as if Grunters and Yxen are up next.

Frostkeep’s also put up a video for its biome Hearthhome:

“Idyllic and bountiful, the gently rolling hills of Rend are the home of your faction base and a sanctuary from the untamed wilds beyond. The dense, verdant grasslands yield fields of bright goldpoppies, ripe hearthmelon clusters, and thick tanglevine bushes. Freshwater pools give way to a shimmering pond on the forest’s edge, frequented by grazing beasts. Still, only the foolhardy let their guard down while they slake their thirst: lone prowlfangs have been known to leave the Stagswood to hunt unwary prey.”

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Robert Mann

And… if the rest of the game, and likely even these areas, were as described I’d be far more interested. Instead, I can’t help but picture it full of people from the opposing faction, which the opposing faction is full of the local faction, both groups spawn camping any players who aren’t into that. Prowlfang’s gonna starve unless they go vulture style. XD


I think that will happen, but not often or on a big enough scale. If all you’re doing is camping, then you’re not progressing so…