E3 2018: Sea of Thieves foresees a summer of skeleton ships, volcanic danger, and new player vessels


The next two big summer content updates are the main focus at Sea of Thieves’ E3 presence this week and will hopefully beef up the content in this lean pirate game.

Coming in July is the Cursed Sails DLC, which will see skeletons sailing their own ships while players crew the brand-new three-player Brigantine in response. This update will also include a new campaign and several emergent threats in the world.

Past that, September’s Forsaken Shores drop sees if pirates can handle volcanos, fire, and ash. But don’t worry, you’ll get an exposed wooden rowboat! Er, wait, that doesn’t sound very fair.

There’s stuff to do this month as well, as a Skeleton Thrones event is coming on June 12th. Microsoft said that over four million players have taken to the high seas so far, making Sea of Thieves “the best-selling new IP for Xbox this generation.”

Source: Xbox
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Skeleton ships are something that should have been in at launch imo. The game world feels too empty and the sea needs more threats. So that’s a welcome addition and I hope we will see multiple ships sailing around.

Another area sounds interesting I guess if they make it more like an adventure game stage where you have to deal with unique hazards and whatnot. It also should have some new NPCs and whatnot to give the area life.

Overall I hope to see the game world further fleshed out and for them to add more repeatable content. The Hungering Deep was an apt title for their first DLC because it really did make me hungering for deeper content.

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pretty weclome stuff for the most part.

in particular looking forward to checking out the three manner.

somewhat worried ghost ships could impact the chill level of sailing about (and that we frequently take turns going afk while other drives the ship when sailing between islands as long as no too threatening looking ships on the horizon ofc!)