Fallen Earth’s new owners try to sort out a messy situation but aren’t discouraged


It’s one thing to say that you’d like to rebuild an aging MMORPG that you just purchased. It’s another thing entirely to figure out how you’re going to accomplish that.

This is the situation that Little Orbit finds itself in as it attempts to figure out a path forward for the post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth. In the first state of the game report┬áthat the community has seen in many years, the new owner explained that it is still investigating what it has on its hands and what can be done for this game. The short version: It’s a mess, and it’s going to take a while even to figure out a roadmap going forward.

The company said that it’s attempted to reach out to the former developers, but in the meanwhile it’s going to have to figure things out on its own: “We have all the code, and it is theoretically possible for us to patch the game or the updater. However this code is significantly old. It requires tools that are more than a decade in age, installations of old libraries, and very customized windows installs to even build everything.”

However: “Please don’t read this as Little Orbit giving up, or even us being discouraged. I knew most of this before we took over GamersFirst. I just want to share where we are at, and that it’s going to take some time to provide a clear roadmap of how we’re going to rebuild.”

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