E3 2018: PUBG will launch Sanhok map June 22, plans snow mechanics and map for this winter


During yesterday’s pre-E3 Xbox conference, Bluehole didn’t trot out Brendan Greene himself to talk PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but it did confirm what Reddit has apparently known for several days now thanks to overseas blog posts: that the Sanhok map is launching on June 22nd for PC. The Xbox version will follow later in the summer. Notably, the map is smallish with a quicker weapon spawn to focus the fighting within its jungle theme.

To the delight of Reddit, the game’s E3 trailer and Twitter account further teased the long-awaited snow map. Predictably, it’s due out this winter and will reportedly include snow terrain mechanics.

Source: Xbox, Reddit, Twitter

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Cool, cool. But they need to do more, much more, now that Hires is in the mix with Realm Royal that includes classes more crafting and near death chicken panic.