E3 2018: Rapture Rejects is isometric battle royale for those left behind


The battle royale genre isn’t really one overly concerned with story, but the team behind Rapture Rejects captured a pretty good premise. In short: The Rapture has happened, and the chosen have ascended to Heaven… and you weren’t one of the chosen. So now you’re trying to kill the other 99 people left behind in the same area in hopes of being so cool that you get let in anyway. Or just for something to do, either way.

It also manages to look different, as it’s a top-down isometric game with the art from the popular Cyanide & Happiness strip. You can check out the trailer just below if you’re in the market for a new battle royale game with a different style from top to bottom. Alpha signups are available on the official site, with the whole thing expected out sometime this year.

Source: Press release, Official Site
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I like the graphic style, and that’s a neat different premise, but in the end it’s just another Battle Royale. Thanks but no thanks.


I’m in! Lol! Come on people. Relax, and have fun with an old-fashioned top-down tour death. Play for 15 mins and then be on your way.

Thank Yoda for the PC Master Race. Lol.


As much as I like C&H… Another battle royal game no one asked for.

Are we there yet?

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I enjoyed the trailer and it made me laugh but I am not sure the game itself is for me.

Nathan Aldana

My only complaint is my suspicion that if everyone who believed in the rapture disappeared we’d probably have a utopia, not chaos.

Looks amusing through.


Got a look-see at the trailer as they aired it and admittedly it was hilarious… leaning toward the (early alpha) fortnite lighthearted approach definitely