Neverwinter celebrates five years with the Protector’s Jubilee

Imagine for a moment if you had plumbing problems so severe that you had an entire shanty town of plumbers at your home for five straight years. That would probably not be something you would wish to celebrate. Yet for the citizens of the eponymous city in Neverwinter, five years of hiring adventurers to clear away countless monsters, cults, and monster-based cults is worth a big celebration in the Protector’s Jubilee. And for the players, this is going to work out quite well, since you can earn new rewards from the anniversary celebration.

The celebration runs from June 14th to June 21st and offers players crates full of loot for completing the “It’s a Celebration!” quest once per day per account for five days. There are also returning events, a “thank you” crate for players who complete the aforementioned quest, and a new throne for players to unlock. The whole thing kicks off on Thursday, so get ready to celebrate solving a lot of problems for townsfolk for five years straight when that rolls around.

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Bryan Turner

How is this game, the blocking mechanics turned me off but now I’m used to ESO; is this basically a 5 Man Lobby Game, can you loot enough to stay relevant in content and if not if you’re a tank does it really matter since we’re far and few between?

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Ashfyn Ninegold

There’s a far amount of quest content, so no, a lot more than a lobby game. Lots of questing zones. That said, the dungeons are fun and tanking in the game is fun. At a certain point, especially if you’re a tank, you can run lower level dungeons solo. Once you reach higher level content, the game is quite a bit more difficult.

Ben Stone

It is fun if you play super casual and just do levelling content. Once you get to end game though its a cash sink. If you try to play for free you will barely get your gear up to scratch before the next tier launches.

Nick Smith

Five years and no bard class…. eeeeep! :)

Sean Botha

Sadly yes. They have also nerfed the Control wizard to a level that it is no longer playable at end game . It is not a dps class and not a buffer it is just a MEH. So in short instead of adding a new class they decided to remove a class

Coming mod 14 in a few weeks they also nerf the amount of ad you can earn not just per character but also per account. This is really sad since mod 14 is really fun (been testing on preview)

Nick Smith

It will be my first time playing. What class do you recommend?

Sean Botha

The best dps class is gwf (Great weapon fighter) very good in end game and can take damage so easy to level. The best tank is Oathbound Paladin. The only option for tank in endgame dungeons.

I generally recomend going gwf as it is fun to play and is good in all aspects of the game

if you need any help in game feel free to hit me up my game handle is @mynaam