The Daily Grind: Will Fallout 76 be a griefer’s paradise or a gamer’s dream?


On Sunday night, the Massively OP staff gathered in our virtual office to watch and discuss the Bethesda conference. There really was a little something for all of us, including reveals and enough cheesiness to mock. But for me, I was there to hear more about Fallout 76 and to get a feel for the vision that the studio has for its next installment of this post-apocalyptic franchise.

I’ll be up front about this: I was cheering so hard when I heard that the studio was taking the game to an online multiplayer setting. It’s been something I’ve wanted to see happen for ages now, and I can’t wait to comb the wasteland as a scavenger and hang out with others.

That said, there’s a lot of concern over the PvP angle, including the decision to hand over nuclear warheads to players to launch. For those of us who want to play with others and build structures without harassment, it does raise some concerns. While we need to hear a lot more in terms of specifics of how this game will function, let’s get your gut reaction. Will Fallout 76 be a griefer’s paradise or a gamer’s dream — or something else entirely?

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Valen Sinclair

Not the Fallout I wanted. Jumping on the battle royale, pvp, minecraft wagon…no thanks.


If there is no pve-only option, I won’t touch this. Zero hype for me until I know that. And I’m not paying for my own server if I pay for the game.


Neither? Why would any griefer bother with Fallout? And a game without basically anything besides the Fallout setting and the playing with friends meme isn’t anyone’s dream, just give Fallout to some competent modders and they’ll make something better in a couple of months.

Caley Kastigen

I’ll say yes to griefers paradise on pvp servers and yes to gamers dream on private servers with some caveats.

Griefing can cover a lot of ground these days in survival games from, spawn blocking, base raiding (while player offline) being a persistent troll, opportunity griefing (aka while they are fighting a monster/animal/gathering etc) Being captured & held prisoner (that does happen).

In my experience its mostly opportunity griefing where if you can kill someone without a great deal of risk to yourself you generally would and in that scenario I’m the one being killed, so 99% of the time I endeavour to play Pve servers only. The community is generally less hostile, not to say you cant get nice communities on Pvp servers but its less survival of the fittest.

Into the caveats for private servers mentioned at the start – If its just you and your friends that’s fine. If say its an open private server and you somehow annoy the host’s friends who couldn’t roll over your base and yourself and they ban you then yes that’s still not desirable or for any level of cheating (extra materials, gear etc) that is applied to one group over another.

As someone earlier said (I think) I agree that each server Official or Private, need to be judged on their own merits and dependent on their communities, rule-sets and Hosts or Managers.

As to the argument about pvp and consent pvp and pve servers makes that moot unless its a single shard (EVE) or if you roll a character on a pvp server. In those cases I would assume consent to pvp no matter how undesirable it is to the player as they are aware that pvp is possible.

Sally Bowls

As I learned more, my position has evolved. I have moved on from “this is a design I have zero interest in playing.” to “Hmm, this seems like a “Bless level of incompetent” announcement of a game I might play but probably won’t.”

Regardless of what you think about the game, I don’t see how you can think Bethesda did a good job with an announcement. There were a number of obvious questions that could have been addressed in a FAQ if not the presentation. IMO, they could predict the questions and concerns that previous generations of offline, PvE players would have.

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Fallout’s core audience has been PvE players in a PvE environment, so it’s not surprising that many are not interested in PvP. Seeing the name Fallout creates the expectation of PvE content. It doesn’t help that this title muddies things by having some PvE content.

Having a game that combines PvE and PvP content is fine, but such a shift for a series’ core audience is predictably resulting in some major whiplash. If the game was meant for PvP-focused players alone, Bethesda wouldn’t have used this particular IP nor would they have put in PvE content. Trying to appeal to both PvE and PvP players is a daunting task.

Bethesda would have to get the balance down very well for it to work, which many other titles have struggled greatly to accomplish. Too many titles have greatly favored the PvP side of things, oftentimes to the benefit of griefers. The big trick is finding a way to marry PvE and PvP content that is fun and naturally leads into players experiencing both without getting overly frustrated. Good PvP in this case isn’t simply setting players loose without consequence.

Fervor Bliss

Mixing PvE and PvP never made sense to me.

The creation of Trammel doubled the playerbase, but he said that it disenfranchised the hardcore PvPers who now had to prey on each other instead of PvEers
Gordon Walton


My prediction is that it will be exactly the same as Arc, Rust, or Conan exiles. You will have to take each server at individual face value. Knowing Bethesda it will also be a buggy mess for a year or so, but they will never give up on it, and eventually it will be a good game.


Bethesda actually always gives up on fixing their games. Just look at the sheer amount of bugs that are only fixed by the Unofficial Patches that exist for just about every offline Fallout or Elder Scrolls game. Heck, Skyrim Remastered, on all platforms, still has many of the bugs that were present when the original Skyrim was first released.

Castagere Shaikura

I love to see how pro pvper’s lie about this game style. Of course it will be a gankbox. This is how pvpers play. We shouldn’t need to even talk about this. Its a proven fact in every pvp game. They like to post how they have honor and will run and help a low lvl player out. They are all full of crap. In fact to non pvper’s don’t believe anything they post. They hope you will buy the game and be easy kills for them.


I play Ark survival on a regular basis and I find helpful people all the time. Sure, you will have your so called “griefers” ( hate that term), but overall I tend to find nice players all the time. In fact, I have made more online friends, playing survival games the last few years, than I ever did playing PVE focused themepark MMOs.

The bigger issue as to why I think people hate these games, is that they try to go at them alone. These games are not well suited to solo type players, and I think this is where a lot of the horror stories come from.


I think there is room in the survival market for more games. Just imagine the modding scene for this game once the tools are available.