Blade and Soul preps two bonus events for its Celestial Dawn release

Seriously, what could be better than a juicy content drop for your favorite fantasy MMORPG? Well, how about a pair of events that tie into the patch and give you an extra boost to get caught up?

For the June 20th release of Celestial Dawn, Blade and Soul is planning a pair of events to maximize interest and excitement over this patch. First up is the Weaponsmith’s Forge, which runs from June 20th through July 25th. During this period, players will be able to upgrade their weapons for a discounted cost, get more upgrade materials, and snag a daily gildstone to exchange for pretty awesome cosmetics and weapons.

Also running during that same window is the Raid Crusade event. This throws down a weekly challenge to complete raids and hard mode dungeons in exchange for bonus rewards.

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Two good events or so it seems. It all depends on the grind because the payouts are all dependent on running existing dungeons and raids. A giant increase in daily and weekly rewards, sure. But what if you are tired of weeklies and dailies?

The Weaponsmith’s Forge is a great event though. Lowering the cost of legendary weapon upgrades significantly can certainly motivate you to run dailies and weeklies. And the generous payout of event currency means that if you aren’t well geared, you can get geared in a hurry. And if you do have an awesome weapon already, you will be able to reach new and unexpected tiers without the massive grind.

The Raid Crusade event is not great, however. The potions and loot are nice but not necessary to run raids. In addition, rewards are locked so that they can only be used in raids. So… meh.

They will also be adding a new Treasure Trove to these events according to in-game scuttlebutt. So, it will be a great month to be playing BnS, for sure.


…any chances for said Trove to drop pink non-breezy dresses this time? /MonkaS


I haven’t seen the list yet of the outfits, but they always save the better outfits for Trove. So, it’s a big maybe. There still that one outfit you love. The pink one in Zawei. You never know when it is going to pop up.