Destiny 2 assures players that current high-end weapons will still be relevant with September’s expansion

EXPLOSIONS! Overpowering.
The release of a new expansion for Destiny 2 might signal to most players that it’s time to bring their favorite guns to the nearest trash can while listening to “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes, but perhaps it’s not time to put old Vera out to pasture just yet. A recent interview on PC Gamer confirmed that players will still have a use for their existing top-end gear when Forsaken arrives, and hopefully not just to while away the time until a better gun shows up.

Details were not shared, but the assurance was that current stuff could be brought up to the same level as newer gear. It’ll likely be through some form of upgrade system and/or modifications, so whatever you’re doing right now you should keep on doing it. Of course, there’s always the possibility that you’ll still find an even better gun waiting for you… but at least then your old Legendary item will be replaced by something other than the launch of a new expansion.

Source: PC Gamer via Kotaku

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Relevant with Septembers update, but not with Octobers patch lol

Danny Smith

Which if you know Bungie means theres probably a much smaller lootpool than people expect if thats the case. Which means less stuff to chase which means drying up and running out of things to do earlier.

IronSalamander8 .

As someone who hasn’t played but has been watching this game’s tumultuous time, can players really feel reassured by this dev team given their track record?


As somebody that bought the first season pass, played the hell out of the game, defended it vehemently, got friends into the game and subsequently left due to constantly being let down, No. No you can not be assured that this dev team has their players in mind.

This game is an exercise in PR. It is not well managed, not well updated and frankly the devs are either oblivious to the point of satire or insanely diabolical.


Not to mention this whole debacle is almost identical to the D1 upgrade path. The timing of this “incredible update” is exactly the same as the Taken King. Which for better or worse was a huge update, but this one is priced exactly the same. Too GD high. After constant let downs for me personally by this studio they’ve lost all credibility in my case. There is a serious disconnect between the playerbase they want, and the playerbase they cater to.

That said I hope people are finding some fun in it.