E3 2018: Blizzard discusses keeping storytelling going in World of Warcraft

E3 2018: Blizzard discusses keeping storytelling going in World of Warcraft

There are a lot of elements to weave together to tell stories in World of Warcraft. You can argue over whether or not the team doing so is actually very good at that task, but the point is that it is quite a task, and the panel for the team at this year’s E3 was all about the challenges of weaving together the game’s story and keeping things consistent. That alone is a challenge when you’re telling a story across games, novels, and various other formats for an extended period of time.

The team is promising to try new things during the lead-up to Battle for Azeroth, along with more major lore characters waving farewell. And there’s a discussion of the challenges in doing just that, along with keeping things consistent and building on long-term stories. If you’d like to look more closely behind the scenes, watch the panel just below; it’s only about half an hour long.

Source: YouTube via Blizzard Watch
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I am very disappointed in the storytelling we’ve been getting in WoW for the last number of expansions. Every storyline is made to sound MEGA EPIC UBER IMPORTANT WORLD SAVING, every questline had predictable outcome, every side story is cheesy and generic. I don’t know if the dev team just likes to play it safe, or if they’re truly staffed with subpar storyline creators, but i can’t say that i’m expecting this changing in BfA.

Oleg Chebeneev

MoP wasnt like that. BfA also doesnt seem like it since there isnt new big threat in this expansion and player will solve local troubles in every zone.


I thought the storytelling ended with WoTLK and since then they’ve been pulling out of their ass to keep making expansions and $$, this is news to me.


Gotta keep the war going at all costs, right ?


Watched it as it happened, at -some- point I nearly expected them to address that little “beautiful obsession” of theirs with letting the narrative be driven by the Kool Factor… and how it possibly represents one of the worst obstacle at building a consistent long-term narrative.

I doubt the team is unaware of the issue. But as the past proven (Cataclysm and onward) it’s often the big shots and lead devs who know or care little for the art of storytelling to have a final say in the important events or general direction. Not a pleasant position to be put into for the rank and file writers alas…

Bruno Brito

WoW’s lore nowadays reminds me of a Manga i actually liked: Bloody Monday. It was a manga akin to a cop/investigation high octane movie, like Mission Impossible or 24 Hours. It wasn’t bad, but every single damn character had a twist. Everything was a race against time, it was a huge menace that obscure forces should join to fight against and in the end, even the protagonist’s school friends ended up being traitors or getting swept by the wave.

The way that the lore is WoW is being twisted and broken reminds me of that. It’s tiresome. You can’t develop a lasting liking to a character, because there’s a huge chance he’ll become a fucking asshole and then die. Or then he’ll get a redemption and become a watchdog.

Honestly, i still like WoW, but i really lost the shiny glasses over the years. It didn’t take much of playing other games to realize how WoW was and is a oversimplified and limiting game, and how i wish Blizzard and other fans realized that.


Wasn’t Warcraft’s story stolen from EverQuest and Warhammer? Until the Lich King and the Frozen Throne it was all believable and stuff, but now I can’t wrap my head around it anymore and it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. With the visual, gameplay and story direction changes that all happened at the same time during Cataclysm and now it feels like a completely different game to me, but not one I can get into. I’m bored with the old content Vanilla/TBC/WoTLK, I want a new one, but not in the direction the game has gone. I always wished WoW remained a hardcore MMORPG in the direction of Vanilla where it forces people to work for their achievements, not hand them out left and right and promote laziness, with the old school graphics style, kinda like LOTRO which hasn’t evolved visually. Now WoW’s new content stands out from the old one because of the graphics – they aren’t interested in updating the old content (at least ground textures and skyboxes will do a huge difference) to be on par with the new one.

DargorV .

Warhammer’s story blows, as for everquest, sure it has similar slopes at times, but nobody “owns” humans getting corrupted…

Story foolowed the original trilogy’s until WotlK, one might even say Cata tho that one was kinda grasping at straws.

MoP onwards are all asspulls tho and thats fine when actually executed well


Cataclysm was just an excuse for a revamp of the zones, the story is stupid. All the events that take place after the Lich King are just Latino soap opera level drama.

Evene if we disregard the story as garbage, then we have the game play, but that hasn’t gotten any better, has it? The talent system got dumbed-down, Hunters also became dumbed-down (0 minimal range… I’m only speaking of classes I’m familiar with). So there is nothing to the game. I don’t see any point in playing retail anymore, unless you’re brand new to the game, or a real die-hard fan, like a friend of mine, who I got into WoW during TBC and he keeps playing it and I quit after WoTLK.