E3 2018: Sony blocks Fortnite crossplay with rival consoles, waffles on a response

Everyone shoots everyone else!

This week’s showing at E3 should have been a victory lap for one of gaming’s hottest titles, but Sony seems bound and determined to rain on Fortnite’s parade.

The problem here is that players who were trying to use the same account to play Fortnite on both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One will find that they can’t, thanks to Sony’s limitations. The company has blocked any crossplay or progression sync between its console and any others. It should be noted that there are no problems with players using the same account between the Switch and Xbox One, by the way.

Sony has come under fire for these restrictions but remained quiet for several days. Finally, the studio gave a rather lame response, saying that it is “always open to hearing” what the community has to say and noting that it does support crossplay between the PS4 and computers and mobile platforms.

This hasn’t stopped players from slamming Sony’s Twitter account with complaints about the restrictions, but so far it doesn’t look like Sony is backing down from this move. “Hands off my Fortnite account!” cried several players. The situation has grown so bad, in fact, that it’s starting to affect Sony’s shares. Enjoy the bad publicity, Sony, you’ve worked hard for it!

Fortnite did pump out a small patch today, because life without shopping carts is not a life worth living.

Source: BBC, The Verge
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