Pantheon gets ready for Pre-Alpha 3 and throws all of its features into a single zone


The third pre-alpha build (which will include four zones and a level cap of 40) is on the way for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, and the Visionary Realms team has a lot to talk about as it shares a trio of new classes.

With this newsletter, VR debuted a section called “under wraps” in which it could share some of its design philosophies and upcoming projects. Discussion was given as to how the team approached the “horizontal identity” of classes: “These is the parts of a class that make them feel like they genuinely belong in the world. This is the immersion factor […] These are the elements that give our classes a tangible place in a shared world.”

The studio also shared an early look at the zone of Faerthale, a beginning zone for some of Pantheon’s Elves and the first zone planned to have all gameplay systems integrated. This is a huge deal for the game, as there are so many systems to include for a feature-complete zone. These include the day/night cycles, time-based spawns, specific atmospheres, the perception system, harvesting, places to climb, and NPC dispositions.

Source: Pantheon

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This could be my next new MMO unless DDO 2.0 shows up.

Kickstarter Donor

The only other times I’ve had this much anticipation of an MMO this far in advance of release were EverQuest and WoW. Can’t wait to get a chance to play this one.


While I have long been skeptical of this, I’m beginning to see some promise. The races on their home page look incredible.


Same here. I’m keeping an eye on the pledge page now.