SMITE launches Medusa’s Deathmatch

Medusa Oblongata
You might not want to look too closely at the latest patch for SMITE. Why? Well, it brings in the new Medusa’s Deathmatch map, and that probably means it’ll turn you to stone. Or it means that you’ll be fighting two enemy teams at the same time, forcing you to adjust your strategy to avoid giving ground to either side while still remaining competitive. If you already feel you know how to handle one other team, you might change your tune when you’ve got twice the enemies and twice the challenge.

The patch has also brought along several new skins and a variety of bug fixes, as patches tend to do. Of course, it’s also brought some issues along with it, which are already helpfully available in a thread on the official site; this includes some after-match placement errors, which are good to know about ahead of time. So jump on in and take on your enemies, possibly while watching everything through a mirror. (It’s a Medusa thing, you see.)

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Medusa was the last great thing they did for Smite. After that a lot of usless updates I had no time or bandwidth for. This neww map could be interesting but not sure it would be worth me figuring out all the changes to the game. I have to say I got my moneies worth out of the ultimate god pack before things changed.