The Divison’s new Shields are all about earning rewards for the sequel

Keep playing, darn it!

When people know the sequel to their current MMO is coming out, they tend to be less inclined to complete in-game challenges in the current game. After all, why take part in The Division content now when the next game is on its way? The newest patch for the game has an answer for that: you want to earn shields. No, not the pieces of equipment that you tend to wear in various other MMOs, the unique collectibles that allow you to unlock rewards in The Division 2 for obtaining them.

Players can earn four shields right now, and more will be rolled out over time to give players new things to chase after. The patch also brings in new audio logs and various balance tweaks, so while you prepare yourself for the follow-up game you’ll still have plenty to do in the existing game. And, you know, hopefully you’re having fun anyway.

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I’m glad they’re rewarding players of the first game! Disappointed that half the Shields revealed so far require Dark Zone time, though. I’ll admit I haven’t been back there for a couple of months, but I imagine the number of Rogue Agents and gankers won’t be decreasing with the announcement of the reward system. I’m a fan and want to support, but I’m not going to be someone else’s entertainment. Hopefully additional rewards will roll out that aren’t so PvP-focused.