And tanks: World of Tanks revives World Cup soccer mode, War Thunder rolls out Project X

Ahhhh World Cup madness is upon the sportsball world right now, and if you happen to be into both soccer/football and tanks, well then I have some epic news for you: As of yesterday, World of Tanks has brought back Tank Football, its soccer mode, with some sweet new additions and prizes.

World of Tanks PC marks the biggest footballing event with the return of Tank Football, this time with three specialist roles and Gianluigi ‘Gigi’ Buffon as a commentator. The metal machines are ready to tear up the pitch, go for glory and be crowned victorious, all while the Italian legend gives a running commentary of a game. […] Tank Football 2018 is a return to 3 vs 3 matches where everyone is vying for glory. These matches take place in 3 special arenas, including one inspired by Moscow’s biggest stadium and host to the final, the Luzhniki. Three unique tanks, all with their own specialist roles and abilities on the pitch, are ready to be crowned champions. So whether players like to play up front or from the back, there are roles for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Gaijin’s War Thunder is keeping it real with an update of its own, its second big patch of the year.

“With more than two dozen new and reworked ground vehicles and aircraft, a massive new location based on the Italian peninsula for combined arms battles, a new map titled Lagoda for aerial battles and a complete rework of the game’s sound effects for all aircraft, Project X adds a vast amount of new content to the game,” the studio says – and that includes add new modern vehicles (through the 1990s), the new Protection Analysis function, and new aircraft too, among them, the game’s first indigenous Romanian fighter aircraft, the I.A.R. 81-C. And that, my friends, is your random historical fact of the day. You are officially smarter. Thanks, Gaijin!

Source: Press releases, World of Tanks, War Thunder

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