Bless Online explains why it chose early access, lays out the content coming soon


Bless Online Executive Producer Sungjin Ko is back with another letter for the community today, this one offering insight into why Neowiz picked early access in the first place, especially given the game’s rocky reception. In short, it’s because Neowiz did so much rewriting of the game for western audiences and really wanted western audiences to give it a thorough testing.

“Ultimately, this desire to try something new with the systems of Bless Online combined with the need for an open discussion with our player base led us to Steam’s Early Access platform,” Ko explains. “It allows us to make sure we have the funds to continue supporting Bless, while also working directly with our players to make Bless everything it can be and more. […] Where we are today with Bless Online’s Steam Early Access is not where we will be when the game officially launches in the coming months. As you hopefully have seen, we’ve been hard at work addressing feedback, making changes, fixing bugs, and working to make the best game for both Neowiz Bless studio and our fans.”

Along those lines, Ko lays out exactly what players can expect over the “next several months,” with the cabeat that the “list is not set in stone.” English and German localization, 3v3 PvP arena content, balancing, endgame group boss, endgame quests, endgame elite dungeon, 70v70 siege PvP content, and the action-and-tab-targeting systems are all still underway.

Source: Steam
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