Legends of Aria makes combat more sensible and nerfs fast travel in its latest update


It’s a big day for Legends of Aria and its beta testers, as the game is undergoing some pretty meaty changes to combat and stats, “heavily” inspired by player feedback.

“The goal of these changes has been to solve three distinct problems,” Citadel Studios says. “Increase the predictability of both warrior damage and interruption rates for magic spells. Increase the options for players to end fights sooner. [And] introduce opportunity cost to warrior combat through meaningful decision making and tactics.”

Notably, the game will now integrate critical hits, stamina-based swing calculations, rework armor proficiencies, shooting on the move, new craftable potions, and new abilities for warriors, archers, and rogues.

“The result of these changes are that combat between warriors and mages becomes much less random, damage is predictable and the dynamics between spell interruptions and a warrior’s special abilities feature strongly in the ebb and flow of combat. Warriors can prevent a mage from casting, but doing so will come at the cost of his/her stamina and combat efficiency.”

Citadel also explains that it’s working on the “final implementation” of its fast travel system, which may or may not make you happy, as it’s removing the recall spell, outlawing portal spells from inside dungeons, and reducing the number of locations where runes can be marked. Murderers, note, still cannot use player-created portals.

“Celador will soon be densely populated with player housing, and it’s important that our fast travel system accommodates the social interactions that will make the world livable. We also want to ensure that fast travel is not a cheap and frivolous feature, but one which is accessible to warriors and mages alike.”

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i would try it out if there was a dedicated official pve server.Those games that have both pve and pvp arreas only succeed in anoying both kinds of players.pvpers cant attack whenever they want, and pve players cant go wherever they want without being ganked.Would buy both this and albion in a second if it had separate pve servers.

Roger Melly

It seriously needs a social panel . I tried it with a friend last week and we quickly got fed up given there was no way to add a friend .

Maybe it will come but if it doesn’t then this game is going to sink faster than the titanic .