RuneScape shows off an hour of its new mining system


Dig things out of the ground, put them together into more useful forms, sell those more useful forms, repeat. That’s the core loop of mining for RuneScape (and most MMOs with mining systems), so how can you improve upon that? Well, the latest stream from the development team shows off the developers working on doing just that, with a system that is at once simpler and more fun for players.

Yes, simpler; the team describes the new system on the stream as “you just kick the rock and [the game] does it for you.” But it also means that you can focus more on what you’re mining rather than the minutiae of mining. Check out the full video just below, complete with a look at the artisan workshop, Orikalkum armor, and the new smithing interface. It’s rather lengthy, but you can still dig it.

Source: YouTube

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Robert Mann

So, basically, they “upgraded” to sitting around watching your character swing at a rock for hours with a bunch of other mostly AFK people.

No thank you. Booooooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggggg!

Oleg Chebeneev

Runescape always felt incredibly clunky, especially compared to modern WoW.
Id like to see them release client version that isnt like mobile but improves responsiveness, overhauls combat and UI, and brings it on par with big MMOs.

Nick Smith

Oleg, thank you for that word. “clunky”. That’s exactly how it feels. I’ve tried Runescape 5 different times thinking I would eventually like it…. I just can’t get over the “tile movement”, “clunky” feeling.