Global Chat: The best of both worlds


If you have ever played more than one MMORPG, the thought has probably crossed your mind that you would love to see your favorite features from all of them put together. It hurts when one game has great housing and another has some of the best group content that you have experienced. Why can’t you just create the best of both worlds?

Zeriah spent some time wishing for exactly this as she drew up a list of features from both World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV that she’d love to see merged together.

“If I could take a bit from each game and combine it into one, I think I’d be in heaven,” she said. “FFXIV has some of the most amazing outfits I have ever seen in a game and while it has transmog system but I feel it would be made truly amazing by the addition of the armor journal WoW has brought in.”

Notably after!

Inventory Full: Ain’t no mountain high enough in Guild Wars 2

“As I may have mentioned a few times in passing, I am not a fan of the mounts that were added to GW2 as a major feature of last year’s Path of Fire expansion. My issues with them, which are manifold, include the way they were introduced, what they look like, how they work and how they have been merchandised. There isn’t much I do like about them.”

Starshadow: Black Desert Online (again)

“I think the sun may have gone to my head… Instead of enjoying playing my Warden through the Trollshaws or exploring the very pretty and fun Summerset with my Nightblade, I’m playing that game I have very mixed feelings for — Black Desert Online. I’m not really sure why, but I’m enjoying myself.”

In An Age: Fallout Survive

“This could be a total disaster. An unmitigated, unrelenting disaster …or this could be the best thing of all time. Either/or. No, but seriously, it’s difficult to assess the firestorm going on in my head right now.”


GamingSF: The importance of trading in MMOs

“Trading character-to-character is for me, first and foremost, of use for social and group play: when we’re opening all those endless loot bags in Secret World Legends (so many glyph bags…), it’s less tiresome because we can trade the unwanted weapons and glyphs back and forth. With us playing the game in a leveling trio, this allows us to maximise the usability of what we collectively receive.”

MMO Bro: The case for player-created content

“[Landmark] was a game that allowed people to show off their creativity in a very vivid way. And you know what? That’s something the MMO genre badly lacks. Every game has a role-playing community, but we’re almost never given the tools to actually make our own content, to tell our own stories. Neverwinter and Star Trek Online have their Foundries, but those have always been very neglected toolsets, often going offline for months at a time.”

Full Moon Fury: Proposed Perversity

“Lately, I’ve been finding myself making what I’ve started calling ‘perverse’ builds. Things that shouldn’t work, or are just plain silly, or doing things specifically for the sake of doing things instead of going for what works already and what’s proven successful.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Robert Mann

Yeah, but I’m looking at several dozen single player games and then taking all those bits and pieces and putting them into an MMO, along with things that don’t exist anywhere, for my own ideal build… which is probably not that much more unlikely than what is being wished for there. XD

Toy Clown

BDO with an endgame that we’re used to on the NA front, which means group and raid content. They do everything else right and have lots of interesting features for an MMO, but its really lacking endgame content, unless you’re a PvPer, knowledge chaser or AFK lifeskiller.

Often I’ll play two MMOs side-by-side so I can enjoy features that BDO doesn’t offer. On the good side, Ashes of Creation is promising features that I haven’t seen all in one place since SWG and I’m eagerly awaiting its release.

Patrick Dougherty

Though I never played Legion, I appreciated seeing that WoW has finally adopted a dungeon release model similar to FFXIV, releasing a new 5-man with every major patch. WoW had dabbled with patch dungeons before in the past, but never settled into a groove on it, and notably dropped them entirely for MoP and WoD, where we saw the most “lack of content” complaints.

Loyal Patron

Lotro warden style combat in WoW. This would be amazing…. and so different than the normal classes, but still doable within their action bar combat system.

To this day I still feel drawn back to Lotro just to play the warden, even though I hate the rest of the game.


I wish I could play Albion Online only not the isometric version. I’d say WoWs world, with more sandbox game play, with some themepark content sprinkled in.

The big MMOs are in desperate need of more sandbox features.

Angel of Def

WoW raids
FF Graphics
EvE politics / Corp (Guild) management / world building design
Archeage class design
EQ 1 Dungeons / easter eggs
BDO Combat system
Guild Wars 2 cosmetics and dyes
DAoC RvR, PvE and Battlegrounds

Loyal Patron

Camelot Unchained checks a lot of those ticks, just not the raids/dungeons/easter eggs

Vincent Clark

I would love it if LotRO could adapt the Duty Roulette system* from FFXIV. LotRO has such a large selection of dungeons that it’s a shame the game doesn’t have a tool to get players to re-play some of those classic instances on a more frequent basis. The Featured Instance was a baby step, but more should be done.

*to include the leveling down of the characters to match the instance vs. the watered down versions of the leveled up instances that exist in LotRO now.