MMO Week in Review: The E3 hullabaloo

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E3 2018 positively dominated this week, with big reveals for MMO and multiplayer online fans for the first time in years. Fallout 76 has MMO gamers alternately concerned and hyped, Elder Scrolls Online revealed its next two DLC, and hey, we even got some news on WoW Classic. Meanwhile, among the big crowdfunded games, Camelot Unchained posted good news, Crowfall posted not-so-good news, and Star Citizen was all over the place. We’ve rounded up every single post we’ve done from the con so far right here, but if you just want the highlights, then read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions from E3 and everywhere else.

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E3 was interesting, to say the least.

Bethesda seems to be the MMORPG champion these days as far as the big shows are concerned. It was good to see The Elder Scrolls featured and the DLCs announced. And of course Fallout 76 is notable because it is an online multiplayer game.

I was also good to see BDO highlighted in the Xbox press event. It seems like only a matter of time now before that game is released on the Xbox One X, in full 4K HD splendor. I hope the translation to a controller setup and gameplay is just as good.

But I have to ask. Why are MMORPGs such outsiders at E3? Specially the Indies, I mean. Pax some to fill the need. I understand that. But why not take the opportunity to show off MMORPGS to the crowd at E3? It might be worth turning a few heads and maybe changing attitudes.


For what it’s worth – Crowfall is taking the time they need to get the game right, and still aiming to get it soft launched in a reasonable MMO development-timeframe; that seems like good news to me. Hoping they dont rush it.

Bryan Turner

Meanwhile GW2 set up a cubicle that looked like a Jackson Hewlitt station at a Walmart and did everyone’s taxes.


Free health screenings, too!