Ultima Online’s publish 100 hits the test server, Broadsword seeks paid event moderators


One hundred! Classic MMO Ultima Online has pushed out its 100th major update to the test server this week. It’s primarily a bug-fixing update, riding on the heels of the game’s spring free-to-play conversion. I’m not going to lie: The thing I’m most excited about is the fix for specifying how many seeds to remove from a seedbox. I love my seedbox you guys.

But of course, the update also fixes exploits with active masteries and soulstones, dye bugs, artifact drop bugs, the Wind entrance bug, yarn stacking bugs that I am pretty sure are literally 20 years old, and the faction city battle instakill bug. It’ll also allow players to swap their Cleanup Britannia points between toons (yay!) and tweaks the heck out of pets and pet training.

Meanwhile, if you’ve always thought it might be more fun to be a tabletop gamemaster in a digital space than a player, you might want to take a peek at the help wanted announcement Broadsword posted this week. The studio is looking for contractors to serve as paid Event Moderators – those are the lovely folks who craft and carry out live storytelling events on different UO shards. I know, live studio-hosted roleplaying events in 2018. Crazy.

The downside for most of our readers is that most of the servers needing love are in Asia and Oceania, but it looks like Lake Superior is on the list too.

More interested in the history of Ultima Online? We posted our overview of the UO section of Raph “Designer Dragon” Koster’s new book this week for a fun trip down memory lane with one of the game’s chief creative drivers.


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Paragon Lost

Very cool, congrats to them for putting out so much content over the years. Also, I love the idea of event moderators. Reminds me of the sort of things that used to be the norm in text based online multi-player rpgs, aka MUDS. :) Good stuff.